Program/contributed talks/Posters

The conference will feature Invited and Contributed talks, and a Poster session (on the afternoon of Wed 25 September).
Invited talks are 30+5 minutes long. Contributed talks are 15+5.

Hrishit Banerjee (TU Graz) Understanding the effect of exchange and correlation leading to curious ferromagnetic insulating state of LaMnO3 on SrTiO3
Izabela Bialo (TU Wien) Synchrotron x-ray studies of the Charge Density Wave order
Michele Casula (U Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) Linear behavior of the optical conductivity and incoherent charge transport in BaCoS2
Maria Chatzieleftheriou (ESPCI, Paris) Enhanced electronic compressibility in a doped Mott insulator and the effect of a crystal field
Simone Fratini (CNRS Grenoble) Unconventional electronic transport from the scattering off slow bosons
Maxence Grandadam (CEA Saclay) Entangled preformed Cooper and Excitonic pairs in cuprate superconductors
Aldo Isidori (SISSA, Trieste) Charge disproportionation, mixed valence, and Janus effect in multiorbital systems: A tale of two insulators
Vladimir A. Ivanshin (U. Kazan) Anomalous Magnetism of Pr in PrCoAsO as Studied by Electron Spin Resonance
Brigitte Leridon (ESPCI, Paris) Interplay between CDW and superconducting fluctuations: a new perspective
Maxime Leroux (LNCMI-Toulouse) Disorder raises the critical temperature of a cuprate superconductor
Benjamin Lenz (U. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) Spectral functions of electron-doped Sr2IrO4 : theory vs experiment
Laura Messio (Sorbonne U., Paris) High temperature expansions: up to the zero temperature! New methods of extrapolation and application to the kagome spin liquid.
Francesco Petocchi (U. Fribourg) Hund excitations and the efficiency of Mott solar cells
José M. Pizarro (U. Bremen) Internal screening and dielectric engineering in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene
Samashis Sengupta (U. Paris-Sud) Gate-tunable superconductivity at the interface of an AlOx/SrTiO3 heterostructure
Luca F. Tocchio (Politecnico di Torino) Metallic and insulating stripes and their relation with superconductivity in the doped Hubbard model
Gabriel E. Topp (MPI Hamburg) Topological Floquet Engineering of Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Kris van Houcke (ENS, Paris) High-precision data for the unitary Fermi gas from diagrammatic series with zero convergence radius
Erik van Loon (U. Bremen) Coulomb Engineering of two-dimensional Mott materials

POSTERS (the submission for poster abstracts is still OPEN)

Anas Abdelwahab (U. Hannover) Entanglement properties in quantum phases of the asymmetric two-leg Hubbard ladder
Haneen Abushammala (Sorbonne U.) Hydrostatic vs. Chemical pressure effects on the MIT and on the nematic antiferromagnetic order of BaCoS2
Maria Carolina de Olivera Aguiar (U. Minas Gerais) Non-equilibrium Kondo effect: connecting an impurity to chains in the Luttinger liquid phase
Anurag Banerjee (IISER Kolkata) Emergent superconductivity upon disordering a charge density wave ground state
Lorenzo Fratino (LPS, U. Paris-Sud, Orsay) Coexistent solutions and first-order transition between two metals in the 2-D Hubbard model with Cellular and DCA-DMFT
Tommaso Gorni (ESPCI Paris) Impact of non-local exchange on Iron Pnictides
Daniele Guerci (SISSA Trieste) Probing Topological edge states by measuring transport through an interacting magnetic impurity
Alexandre Jaoui (Collège de France/ESPCI Paris) Departure from the Wiedemann-Franz Law in WP2 Driven by Mismatch in T-square Resistivity Prefactors
Maxime Leroux (LNCMI Grenoble) Pulsed field measurements capabilities at the LNCMI Toulouse: torque magnetometry, resistivity and NMR
Xiaokang Li (ESPCI Paris) Phonon thermal Hall effect in strontium titanate
Taoufik Sakhraoui (U. Monastir) Impact of interfacial defect on electronic and transport properties at the FeRh/MgO/FeRh (001) MTJ from first-principles investigations
Saheli Sarkar (CEA Saclay) Incipient loop current order in the under-doped cuprate superconductors
Gyanendra Singh (ESPCI Paris) One to two-band superconductivity transition driven by gate voltage at an oxide interface
Nathan Giovanni Andrade Teixeira (U. Minas Gerais/LPS U. Paris Sud, Orsay) Metal-Insulator transitions in disordered correlated systems away from half-filling
Thomas Vincent (ESPCI Paris) Quantum well states for graphene spin-texture engineering
Hancheng Yang (Sorbonne U.) V5S8 under high pressure: a two-channel Kondo system?